As a leading provider of Information Technology Services and Solutions, ITCS provides rewarding and leading edge opportunities.

We offer our employees competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. As ITCS continues to grow and succeed, we are constantly looking for talented individuals who share our passion to excel. If you are willing and able to scale the heights of your career vision, then you will be looking for an opportunity that offers just that, and more. At ITCS we consistently replenish our human resources with top talent with a view to building long-lasting relationships, company loyalty, client value and trust.

We leverage technology to create sustainable business value for our clients in the Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, and Government sectors.

At ITCS, team success breeds passion and enthusiasm for everything we do. If you’re a team player with value to add to a company that’s going places, look no further. We work together to deliver nothing but the best to our clients, and recognition of a job well done, is recognition of the team as a whole.

With such a diverse and broad employee base, respect is requisite, and individuality celebrated. With your goals and our vision, ITCS can provide the backdrop for a promising and fruitful career in an environment where diversity is believed to be concurrent with advancement.

We believe in enjoying what we do, and in doing what we believe to the highest of our ability. Our philosophy is to motivate our teams to defy the ‘status quo’ and outperform the competition. Our work ethic and track record bears testimony to this belief.

We thrive on the variety of what our employees bring to the ‘work-table’, and recognize the importance off what individual contributions make to the team effort. These contributions are rewarded and celebrated in order to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

If you are looking for a oppurtunity for advancement or progress in your career. ITCS is the place to be.

» Data Integration Specialists
» Business Intelligence Specialists
» Java/j2ee
» HR AND Marketing Managers
» Microsoft .NET
» Campus Recruitment
» Experienced Consultants
» Benefits
» Code of Ethics & Integrity
On-Campus Recruiting
ITCS has identified key schools for each of its recruiting functions. By selecting schools based upon the strength of their academic programs and students as well as the diversity of the schools, ITCS has been able to attract and recruit a wide variety of candidates.
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ITCS is highly dedicated to recruiting the very best candidates of diverse backgrounds and experiences. By recognizing and encouraging differences among its employees, ITCS is able to maintain a strong presence in the marketplace.

While ITCS is not able to go to all schools, a supplemental "walk-on program" is available for those candidates. If you are interested in submitting your resume and cover letter to be reviewed through this program, you may do so at
In an industry that's constantly reinventing itself, ITCS challenges its consultants with engagements that involve advanced IT solutions, methodical planning and development, creative thinking, and continuous learning. A dynamic environment keeps our consultants ahead of the curve by providing
Opportunities to work with leading multinational clients.
A comprehensive portfolio of solutions that span leading-edge technologies.
» Established methodologies, processes and mentoring for solution delivery and implementation quality assurance.
» One of the most complete health and benefits packages in the IT industry.
Our adherence to a strict standard of ethical behavior is not only the right thing to do but also helps us earn the trust and respect of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities where we live and work.

Are you ready to take on a new challenge and take your skills to a higher level?
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